Default: If this parameter is not specified, then no content is suppressed.


The SILENT parameter suppresses some of the content that is written to the screen during a SQL*Loader operation.

Syntax and Description

The syntax is as follows:


Use the appropriate values to suppress one or more of the following (if more than one option is specified, they must be separated by commas):

  • HEADER - Suppresses the SQL*Loader header messages that normally appear on the screen. Header messages still appear in the log file.

  • FEEDBACK - Suppresses the "commit point reached" messages and the status messages for the load that normally appear on the screen.

  • ERRORS - Suppresses the data error messages in the log file that occur when a record generates an Oracle error that causes it to be written to the bad file. A count of rejected records still appears.

  • DISCARDS - Suppresses the messages in the log file for each record written to the discard file. This option is ignored in express mode.

  • PARTITIONS - Disables writing the per-partition statistics to the log file during a direct load of a partitioned table. This option is meaningful only in a forced direct path operation.

  • ALL - Implements all of the suppression options.


For example, you can suppress the header and feedback messages that normally appear on the screen with the following command-line argument:

> sqlldr hr TABLE=employees SILENT=HEADER, FEEDBACK