Default: none


The USERID parameter is used to provide your Oracle username and password.

Syntax and Description

USERID = [username | / | SYS]

If you do not specify the USERID parameter, then you are prompted for it. If only a slash is used, then USERID defaults to your operating system login.

If you connect as user SYS, then you must also specify AS SYSDBA in the connect string.


  • Because the string, AS SYSDBA, contains a blank, some operating systems may require that the entire connect string be placed in quotation marks or marked as a literal by some method. Some operating systems also require that quotation marks on the command line be preceded by an escape character, such as backslashes.

    See your Oracle operating system-specific documentation for information about special and reserved characters on your system.


The following example starts the job for user hr:

> sqlldr USERID=hr TABLE=employees