Considerations When Loading Data into VARRAYs or Primary-Key-Based REFs

If you use SQL*Loader conventional path or the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) to load data into VARRAYs or into primary-key-based REFs, and the data being loaded is in a different character set than the database character set, then problems such as the following might occur:

  • Rows might be rejected because a field is too large for the database column, but in reality the field is not too large.

  • A load might be abnormally terminated without any rows being loaded, when only the field that really was too large should have been rejected.

  • Rows might be reported as loaded correctly, but the primary-key-based REF columns are returned as blank when they are selected with SQL*Plus.

To avoid these problems, set the client character set (using the NLS_LANG environment variable) to the database character set before you load the data.