Specifying the Discard File in the Control File

To specify the name of the file, use the DISCARDFILE clause, followed by a directory path and/or file name.

The DISCARDFILE clause specifies that a discard directory path and/or file name follows. Neither the directory_path nor the filename is required. However, you must specify at least one.

The directory parameter specifies a directory to which the discard file will be written.

The filename parameter specifies a valid file name specification for your platform. Any spaces or punctuation marks in the file name must be enclosed in single quotation marks.

The default file name is the name of the data file, and the default file extension or file type is .dsc. A discard file name specified on the command line overrides one specified in the control file. If a discard file with that name already exists, then it is either overwritten or a new version is created, depending on your operating system.