Optimizing Performance of Direct Path Loads

You can control the time and temporary storage used during direct path loads.

To minimize time:

  • Preallocate storage space

  • Presort the data

  • Perform infrequent data saves

  • Minimize use of the redo log

  • Specify the number of column array rows and the size of the stream buffer

  • Specify a date cache value

  • Set DB_UNRECOVERABLE_SCN_TRACKING=FALSE. Unrecoverable (nologging) direct writes are tracked in the control file by periodically storing the SCN and Time of the last direct write. If these updates to the control file are adversely affecting performance, then setting the DB_UNRECOVERABLE_SCN_TRACKING parameter to FALSE may improve performance.

To minimize space:

  • When sorting data before the load, sort data on the index that requires the most temporary storage space

  • Avoid index maintenance during the load