Specifies the default location in which the import job can find the dump file set and where it should create log and SQL files.

Syntax and Description


The directory_object is the name of a database directory object (not the file path of an actual directory). Upon installation, privileged users have access to a default directory object named DATA_PUMP_DIR. Users with access to the default DATA_PUMP_DIR directory object do not need to use the DIRECTORY parameter at all.

A directory object specified on the DUMPFILE, LOGFILE, or SQLFILE parameter overrides any directory object that you specify for the DIRECTORY parameter. You must have Read access to the directory used for the dump file set and Write access to the directory used to create the log and SQL files.


The following is an example of using the DIRECTORY parameter. You can create the expfull.dmp dump file used in this example by running the example provided for the Export FULL parameter. See "FULL".

> impdp hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=expfull.dmp 

This command results in the import job looking for the expfull.dmp dump file in the directory pointed to by the dpump_dir1 directory object. The dpump_dir2 directory object specified on the LOGFILE parameter overrides the DIRECTORY parameter so that the log file is written to dpump_dir2.

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