Table-Level and Partition-Level Export

You can export tables, partitions, and subpartitions in the following ways:

  • Table-level Export: exports all data from the specified tables

  • Partition-level Export: exports only data from the specified source partitions or subpartitions

In all modes, partitioned data is exported in a format such that partitions or subpartitions can be imported selectively.

Table-Level Export

In table-level Export, you can export an entire table (partitioned or nonpartitioned) along with its indexes and other table-dependent objects. If the table is partitioned, then all of its partitions and subpartitions are also exported. This applies to both direct path Export and conventional path Export. You can perform a table-level export in any Export mode.

Partition-Level Export

In partition-level Export, you can export one or more specified partitions or subpartitions of a table. You can only perform a partition-level export in table mode.

For information about how to specify table-level and partition-level Exports, see "TABLES".