By default, the data cache feature is enabled (for 1000 elements). To completely disable the data cache feature, set it to 0.

DATA_CACHE specifies the data cache size (in entries). For example, DATA_CACHE=5000 specifies that each data cache created can contain a maximum of 5000 unique date entries. Every table has its own data cache, if one is needed. A data cache is created only if at least one date or timestamp value is loaded that requires data type conversion in order to be stored in the table.

The data cache feature is enabled by default. The default data cache size is 1000 elements. If the default size is used and the number of unique input values loaded exceeds 1000, then the data cache feature is automatically disabled for that table. However, if you override the default and specify a nonzero data cache size and that size is exceeded, then the cache is not disabled.

You can use the data cache statistics (entries, hits, and misses) contained in the log file to tune the size of the cache for future similar loads.