Supported Collection Types

SQL*Loader supports loading of the following two collection types:

Nested Tables

A nested table is a table that appears as a column in another table. All operations that can be performed on other tables can also be performed on nested tables.


A VARRAY is a variable sized arrays. An array is an ordered set of built-in types or objects, called elements. Each array element is of the same type and has an index, which is a number corresponding to the element's position in the VARRAY.

When you create a VARRAY type, you must specify the maximum size. Once you have declared a VARRAY type, it can be used as the data type of a column of a relational table, as an object type attribute, or as a PL/SQL variable.

See Also:

"Loading Collections (Nested Tables and VARRAYs)" for details on using SQL*Loader control file data definition language to load these collection types