Guidelines for Using Table-Level Import

For each specified table, table-level Import imports all rows of the table. With table-level Import:

  • All tables exported using any Export mode (except TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES) can be imported.

  • Users can import the entire (partitioned or nonpartitioned) table, partitions, or subpartitions from a table-level export file into a (partitioned or nonpartitioned) target table with the same name.

If the table does not exist, and if the exported table was partitioned, then table-level Import creates a partitioned table. If the table creation is successful, then table-level Import reads all source data from the export file into the target table. After Import, the target table contains the partition definitions of all partitions and subpartitions associated with the source table in the export file. This operation ensures that the physical and logical attributes (including partition bounds) of the source partitions are maintained on import.