Makes one or more ADR homes current. Many ADR commands work with the current ADR homes only.

Syntax and Description

set homepath homepath_str1 homepath_str2 ...

The homepath_strn strings are the paths of the ADR homes relative to the current ADR base. The diag directory name can be omitted from the path. If the specified path contains multiple ADR homes, all of the homes are added to the homepath.

If a desired new ADR home is not within the current ADR base, use SET BASE to set a new ADR base and then use SET HOMEPATH.

This command does not require an ADR home to be set before you can use it.


set homepath diag/rdbms/orcldw/orcldw1  diag/rdbms/orcldw/orcldw2

The following command sets the same homepath as the previous example:

set homepath rdbms/orcldw/orcldw1  rdbms/orcldw/orcldw2

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