Setting a Column to a Constant Value

This is the simplest form of generated data. It does not vary during the load or between loads.

CONSTANT Parameter

To set a column to a constant value, use CONSTANT followed by a value:


CONSTANT data is interpreted by SQL*Loader as character input. It is converted, as necessary, to the database column type.

You may enclose the value within quotation marks, and you must do so if it contains whitespace or reserved words. Be sure to specify a legal value for the target column. If the value is bad, then every record is rejected.

Numeric values larger than 2^32 - 1 (4,294,967,295) must be enclosed in quotation marks.


Do not use the CONSTANT parameter to set a column to null. To set a column to null, do not specify that column at all. Oracle automatically sets that column to null when loading the record. The combination of CONSTANT and a value is a complete column specification.