Creating a Range-Partitioned Global Index

The rules for creating range-partitioned global indexes are similar to those for creating range-partitioned tables. Example 4-3 creates a range-partitioned global index on sale_month for the tables created in the previous examples. Each index partition is named but is stored in the default tablespace for the index.


If your enterprise has databases using different character sets, use caution when partitioning on character columns, because the sort sequence of characters is not identical in all character sets. For more information, see Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide.

Example 4-3 Creating a range-partitioned global index table

CREATE INDEX amount_sold_ix ON sales(amount_sold)
      ( PARTITION p_100 VALUES LESS THAN (100)
      , PARTITION p_1000 VALUES LESS THAN (1000)
      , PARTITION p_10000 VALUES LESS THAN (10000)
      , PARTITION p_100000 VALUES LESS THAN (100000)
      , PARTITION p_1000000 VALUES LESS THAN (1000000)
      , PARTITION p_greater_than_1000000 VALUES LESS THAN (maxvalue)