Using Views to Monitor Policies for ADO

You can view and monitor the policies for ADO that are associated with your database objects using the DBA_ILM* and USER_ILM* views, making it easier to change policies as needed.

See Also:

Oracle Database Reference for information about the ILM views

  • The DBA/USER_ILMDATAMOVEMENTPOLICIES view displays information specific to data movement related attributes of an ILM policy for ADO.

  • The DBA/USER_ILMTASKS view displays the task Ids of the procedure EXECUTE_ILM. Every time a user invokes the procedure EXECUTE_ILM, a task Id is returned to track this particular invocation. A task Id is also generated to track periodic internal ILM tasks by the database. This view contains information about all ILM tasks for ADO.

  • The DBA/USER_ILMEVALUATIONDETAILS view displays details on policies considered for a particular task. It also shows the name of the job that executes the policy in case the policy was selected for evaluation. In case the policy was not executed, this view also provides a reason.

  • The DBA/USER_ILMOBJECTS view displays all the objects and policies for ADO in the database. Many objects inherit policies through their parent objects or because they were created in a particular tablespace. This view provides a mapping between the policies and objects. In the case of an inherited policy, this view also indicates the level from which policy is inherited.

  • The DBA/USER_ILMPOLICIES view displays details about all the policies for ADO in the database.

  • The DBA/USER_ILMRESULTS view displays information about data movement-related jobs for ADO in the database.

  • The DBA_ILMPARAMETERS view displays information about ADO-related parameters.