Changes in This Release

Changes in Oracle Application Express Release 18.1

The following are changes in Oracle Application Express Accessibility Guide for Oracle Application Express 18.1.

New Features

The following features are new in this release:

  • Testing

    Developers can make use of the built-in Advisor tool to quickly assess and improve their apps for all users.

    See "Testing Apps for Accessibility."

Deprecated and Desupported Features

The following features have been deprecated for this release:

  • Accessibility Modes

    • Screen Reader mode

    • High Contrast mode

    Rather than separate options that must be enabled by developers, the functional aspects of these modes have been more fully integrated into Oracle Application Express by default.

    Accessibility Modes will be fully removed in a future release. Developers should update their apps accordingly, such as reviewing coded plug-ins and other functionality that checks if these modes are running. At present, enabling these modes has no effect on any native Application Express components.

Other Changes

The following are additional changes in the release:

  • All content has been updated to reflect new functionality.

  • Screen captures and graphics have been added and updated to reflect Oracle Application Express release 5.1 user interface enhancements.