5.2 Accessing Websheets

Users access a Websheet by loading the Websheet URL, logging in with their account credentials (username and password), and navigating to the Websheet page.

5.2.1 About Websheet URLs

Websheet URLs contain an application ID and a page ID. When you access a Websheet, the session ID also generates in the address bar.

Parts of a Websheet URL

The following is an example of a Websheet URL:
Indicates that you are accessing an Oracle Application Express Websheet application.
The application ID. Specifies which Websheet application.
The page ID. Specifies which page within the application. Depending on how the developer configured the page, the page ID may be a word, such as home.

The session ID. The Application Express engine uses the session ID to fetch session state from the database. Oracle Application Express assigns new session IDs during authentication processing, records the authenticated user's identity with the session ID, and continually checks the session ID in each page request's URL or POST data with the session cookie and the session record in the database.


Do not enter the session state ID when you access a Websheet URL. Entering information beyond the page ID displays an error.

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5.2.2 Accessing a Websheet

To access a Websheet, the Websheet developer provides you a URL and login credentials (that is, a username and password). Ensure the URL includes the application ID and page ID, but not the session state ID.

To access a Websheet:

  1. Click the supplied URL, or enter it in your browser's Address field.
  2. Enter your Websheet credentials:
    1. Username - Enter your username.
    2. Password - Enter your password.
    3. Click Log In or Sign In.


    The language that displays differs depending upon who creates the application. For Oracle-supplied applications, including packaged applications and the Oracle Application Express development environment, Sign In or Sign out displays. For applications you or your developers create, Log In or Log out displays.

The browser navigates to the Websheet.
If you do not have a URL or the URL does not work, contact the person who created the Websheet.

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