3.7.16 Subscribing to Report Updates by Email

Subscribe to an interactive report to receive updated versions it.

See Also:

"Managing Interactive Report Subscriptions" in Oracle Application Express Administration Guide How Report Subscriptions Work

You can subscribe to a report by clicking Subscription on the Actions menu.

Emails sent from an interactive report contain a system generated email signature that cannot be overwritten that identifies who originated the email.

To use Subscription:

  • An Oracle Application Express administrator must configure email at the Instance level.

  • The application developer configure enable the Subscription check box on the Interactive Report Attributes page.

See Also:

"Customizing the Interactive Report Search Bar" in Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide Subscribing to Updated Report Results

Subscribe to a report by selecting Subscription in the Actions menu.


Emails sent from a subscription include a system generated email signature indicating who created the subscription. This signature cannot be removed.

To receive updated report results by email:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Subscription.
    The Subscription dialog appears.
  2. Under Subscription:
    1. Email Address - Enter the email addresses to receive the report. To include multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma.
    2. Subject - Enter text to display in the email subject line.
    3. Frequency - Select the interval at which the report is sent.
    4. Starting From - Select a start date and time.
    5. Ending - Select an end date and time. Select a day, week, month, or year.
    6. Click Apply.