3.7.5 Reviewing PL/SQL Libraries

From the Project page you can browse uploaded PL/SQL libraries associated with your Oracle Forms application (for example, myLibrary.PLD) and update annotations. Note that PL/SQL libraries are not generated within Oracle Application Express. However, the files are imported to enable you to review and track them.

To view the PL/SQL Library Details page:

  1. From the Application Migrations page, click the project name.
  2. Click the PL/SQL library XML file name (for example, myLibrary.PLD).

    The PL/SQL Library Details page appears.

  3. To delete the library, click Delete.
  4. To download the library, click the Download link. About Annotations

Use Annotations to track the overall status of the object within the conversion process. About Audit

Display or hide the Audit section at the bottom of the page to view details about the object creation and last update dates.