1.6 Defining a Workspace Message

Workspace administrators can quickly communicate with other users by creating workspace messages.

1.6.1 About Workspace Messages

Workspace messages enable administrators to quickly communicate with other users.

Workspace messages display both on the Workspace home page and on the Workspace Administration page. As shown in the following illustration, workspace message display in the News and Messages region on the Workspace home page.

Workspace messages include a gold icon to the left of message text and the textual identifier, Workspace Message, displays beneath the message text.

Workspace messages also display in the center of the Workspace Administration page as shown in the next illustration.

1.6.2 Creating and Editing a Workspace Message

Create or edit a workspace message from the Workspace Administration page.

To create or edit a workspace message:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace Administration page:
    1. Sign in to Oracle Application Express.
    2. At the top of the Workspace home page, click the Administration menu and select Administration.

    The Workspace Administration home page appears.

  2. To create or edit a message, click the Edit Message icon.
  3. In Message, enter text. Use standard HTML tags to include formatting.
  4. Click Apply Changes.


You can also create or edit announcements by navigating to the Workspace Administration page and then clicking Manage Service and then Edit Message.