2.8 Installing Exported Applications in a Runtime Environment

Instance administrators manage the Oracle Application Express runtime environment using SQL*Plus and the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API.

2.8.1 About the Advantages of Using Runtime Environment

An Oracle Application Express runtime environment enables you to run production applications, but does not provide a web interface for administration or direct development of these applications.

Oracle recommends that you run any sensitive production Oracle Application Express applications with a runtime installation of Oracle Application Express. A runtime installation does not expose the web-based application development environment, thus preventing the use of App Builder, SQL Workshop, and related utilities on a production installation. Additionally, a runtime environment only includes the Oracle Application Express database objects and privileges necessary to run applications, making it a more hardened environment.


Websheets are not supported in an Oracle Application Express runtime environment.

See Also:

"APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN" in Oracle Application Express API Reference.

2.8.2 Installing an Exported Application in to a Runtime Environment

You administer the Oracle Application Express runtime environment using SQL*Plus and the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API.

To install an exported application into a runtime installation, you must:

  1. Export the workspace from the Oracle Application Express instance where the application was developed as described in "Exporting and Importing a Workspace."
  2. Use SQL*Plus to import your workspace in to the runtime environment:
    • Connect as APEX_050100, SYS, SYSTEM, or any schema to which the role APEX_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE has been granted.

    • Run the workspace import file.

      If the workspace export file was created with a version of Oracle Application Express lower than 3.2, you must connect as APEX_050100.

  3. Export and then import your application using SQL*Plus in to the runtime environment.