2.1 What Is an Instance Administrator?

Instance administrators manage an entire Oracle Application Express hosted instance.

In Oracle Application Express, users sign in to a shared work area called a workspace. A workspace enables multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express installation while keeping their objects, data, and applications private. This flexible architecture enables a single database instance to manage thousands of applications.

Within a workspace, End users can only run existing database or Websheet application. Developers can create and edit applications, monitor workspace activity, and view dashboards. Oracle Application Express includes two administrator roles:

  • Workspace administrators are users who perform administrator tasks specific to a workspace.

  • Instance administrators are superusers that manage an entire hosted Oracle Application Express instance which may contain multiple workspaces.

Instance administrators have all the rights and privileges available to developers and workspace administrators. In addition, instance administrators are responsible for managing an entire Oracle Application Express instance using the Oracle Application Express Administration Services application. Instance administrators manage workspace provisioning, configure features and instance settings, and manage security.


To learn more about creating an Instance Administrator account in a new installation, see the "Creating or Updating Your Instance Administration Account" section for your Web Listener in Oracle Application Express Installation Guide.