B Oracle Application Express Limits

The Oracle Application Express development environment has no limits as to the number of workspaces or number of users that can exist in a given workspace. Table B-1 describes limits associated with Oracle Application Express components.


B.1 Component Limits

Table B-1 describes limits associated with Oracle Application Express components, such as interactive reports, classic reports, forms, and tabular forms.

Table B-1 Component Limits

Component Limits

Interactive reports

999 rows per column heading filter (if no custom LOV is specified in the column attributes).

See Also: "Developing Reports"


32767 bytes for a text area or rich text editor item.

Two columns for primary key (when using built in DML processes). For users with more than two primary key columns defined, you can also specify a ROWID.

See Also: "Developing Forms"

Tabular Forms

One wizard-generated tabular form per page (using built-in DML).

50 editable tabular form columns (apex_application.g_f01-apex_application.g_f50), generated with apex_item or the built-in tabular form display types.

See Also: "Managing Legacy Tabular Forms"

Item names

Item names should not exceed 30 characters. Items longer than 30 characters cannot be referenced using bind variable syntax.

See Also: "Referencing Session State Using Bind Variable Syntax" and "About Item Naming Conventions"


Text entered for validations may not exceed 3,950 characters.

See Also: "Understanding Validations"

Data loading

When loading data, the maximum number of columns is 45.

See Also: "Creating Applications with Data Loading Capability"