15.7 Using the Attribute Dictionary

This section explains how to use the Attribute Dictionary.


15.7.1 About the Attribute Dictionary

The Attribute Dictionary contains a set of attributes about a column that are used in creating forms and reports. The definitions are matched by column name and a particular definition can be shared among several columns by using synonyms.

You can use the Manage Attribute Dictionary page to update values on the current page with those in the Attribute Dictionary or to update the Attribute Dictionary with the values on the current page.

15.7.2 Accessing the Manage Attribute Dictionary

To access the Manage Attribute Dictionary page:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.

    The App Builder home page appears.

  2. Select an application.
  3. Click Utilities.
  4. Click Utilities and click Attribute Dictionary.

    The page is divided into two sections: Page Items and Report Columns.

    Use Page Item and Report Column definitions to update the Attribute Dictionary. You can also use the Attribute Dictionary to update Page Items and Report Columns.

    Hidden objects (that is, those in hidden regions and button items) are not counted in the number of candidate Items and Report Columns as these are not used in the updates.

  5. To update the current page or update the Attribute dictionary, select the appropriate page link.

    The Attribute Dictionary appears.

    Only Items and Report Columns that have different values for at least one attribute are shown. You choose which objects to insert or update and which attributes to include. The number of Items and Report Columns that can be used might be less than the total because hidden objects, objects in hidden regions, and button items are not included.


You can access the Attribute Dictionary in both Page Designer and Component View, by clicking Utilities and then selecting Attribute Dictionary.