21.3 Utilizing Logs and Reports

The Application Express engine records activity logs to capture usage and performance data. This information displays in various reports. If a particular page is accessed extensively or a page renders slowly then these reports can help you identify problematic pages. You can then further analyze the problematic pages. For example, you can run a report query in SQL Developer to review the Explain Plan.


Another method of determining expensive elements within a page or process is to review the Application Express Debug mode.


21.3.1 How to Manage Log Files

An Instance administrator can delete activity log files and manage the interval at which log file information is retained. If you wish to keep the activity log files indefinitely, you must create a batch job to copy records from the activity log table to another table.

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21.3.2 Viewing the Application Dashboard Report

To view the Application Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.
  2. Click the App Builder icon.
  3. Select an application.

    The Application home page appears.

  4. Click Utilities.
  5. Click Application Dashboard.

    The Application Dashboard appears. The first two regions on the left, Application Overview, and Pages by Types, list detailed information and statistics about the current application. The remaining regions are divided into the following sections:

    • Security lists the current authentication scheme, number of public and non public pages, and the number of authorization schemes used within the current application.

    • Templates contains links to reports of templates used within the current application.

    • Pages by Type lists pages by type.

    • Application Components contains links to reports of application-level controls and logic, including lists of values, tabs, lists, application items, application processes, and application computations.

    • Page Components contains links to reports of page-level controls and logic, including items, buttons, processes, regions, branches, validations, and dynamic actions.

  6. To view a specific report, click the number to the right of the component type or template.

21.3.3 Workspace Activity Reports

Workspace administrators are users who perform administrator tasks specific to a workspace. Workspace administrators can access the following activity reports:

  • Page Views - Contains reports of page views organized by view, user, application, application and page, day, hour, and by interactive report.

  • Developer Activity - Offers reports of developer activity organized by developer, day, application, application changes, and day or month.

  • Page View Analysis - Contains reports analyzing page views, such most viewed pages, page views by day, usage by day (chart), weighted page performance, and Websheet page views.

  • Sessions - Lists active sessions with the current workspace (report or chart).

  • Login Attempts - Offers reports listing login attempts, login attempts by authentication result, and a developer login summary.

  • Environment - Contains reports of environments organized by user agent, browser, external clicks, or operating system.

  • Application Errors - Contains a report of application errors.

  • Workspace Schema Reports - Offers summaries of schema tablespace utilization and database privileges by schema, workspace schemas, and report tablespace utilization.

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21.3.4 Instance Activity Reports

Instance administrators are superusers that manage an entire hosted instance using the Application Express Administration Services application. Instance administrators can access the following activity reports:

  • Page Views - View activity by application, user, workspace, day, or REST access.

  • Workspace Purge - View a dashboard summary, inactive workspaces, workspaces purged, workspaces that became active, or a workspace purge log.

  • Environment Reports - View a summary of used operating systems, browser types, user agent, or external sites.

  • Calendar Reports - View workspaces by date last used, page views by day and then by application and user, or by hour.

  • Service Requests - View new service requests or sign up survey activity.

  • Logs - View the mail log, jobs log, automatic delete log, or monitor packaged application installations.

  • Login Attempts - View login attempts or developer last login.

  • Developer Activity - View application changes by developer or workspace.

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