#include <db.h>

DB_MULTIPLE_NEXT(void *pointer, DBT *data, void *retdata, 
    size_t retdlen); 

If either of the DB_MULTIPLE or DB_MULTIPLE_KEY flags were specified to the DB->get() or DBcursor->get() methods, the data DBT returned by those interfaces will refer to a buffer that is filled with data. Access to that data is through the DB_MULTIPLE_* macros.

Returns the next DBT in the bulk retrieval set.



The pointer parameter is a variable that must have been initialized by a call to DB_MULTIPLE_INIT.

This parameter is set to NULL if there are no more key/data pairs in the returned set.


The data parameter is a DBT structure returned from a successful call to DB->get() or DBcursor->get() for which he DB_MULTIPLE flag was specified.

The data parameter must have been initialized by a call to DB_MULTIPLE_INIT.


The retdata is set to the next data element in the returned set.


The retdlen parameter is set to the length, in bytes, of that data element. When used with the Queue and Recno access methods, retdata parameter will be set to NULL for deleted records.



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