#include <db.h>

DB->set_re_delim(DB *db, int re_delim);  

Set the delimiting byte used to mark the end of a record in the backing source file for the Recno access method.

This byte is used for variable length records if the re_source file is specified using the DB->set_re_source() method. If the re_source file is specified and no delimiting byte was specified, <newline> characters (that is, ASCII 0x0a) are interpreted as end-of-record markers.

The DB->set_re_delim() method configures a database, not only operations performed using the specified DB handle.

The DB->set_re_delim() method may not be called after the DB->open() method is called. If the database already exists when DB->open() is called, the information specified to DB->set_re_delim() will be ignored.

The DB->set_re_delim() method returns a non-zero error value on failure and 0 on success.



The re_delim parameter is the delimiting byte used to mark the end of a record.


The DB->set_re_delim() method may fail and return one of the following non-zero errors:


If the method was called after DB->open() was called; or if an invalid flag value or parameter was specified.



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