#include <db.h>

db_env_create(DB_ENV **dbenvp, u_int32_t flags);  

The db_env_create() function creates a DB_ENV structure that is the handle for a Berkeley DB environment. This function allocates memory for the structure, returning a pointer to the structure in the memory to which dbenvp refers. To release the allocated memory and discard the handle, call the DB_ENV->close() or DB_ENV->remove() methods.

DB_ENV handles are free-threaded if the DB_THREAD flag is specified to the DB_ENV->open() method when the environment is opened. The DB_ENV handle should not be closed while any other handle remains open that is using it as a reference (for example, DB or DB_TXN). Once either the DB_ENV->close() or DB_ENV->remove() methods are called, the handle may not be accessed again, regardless of the method's return.

Before the handle may be used, you must open it using the DB_ENV->open() method.

The DB_ENV handle contains a special field, app_private, which is declared as type void *. This field is provided for the use of the application program. It is initialized to NULL and is not further used by Berkeley DB in any way.

The db_env_create() method returns a non-zero error value on failure and 0 on success.

The flags parameter must be set to 0.



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