Chapter 10.  Replication Methods

This chapter describes the APIs available to build Berkeley DB replicated applications. There are two different ways to build replication into a Berkeley DB application, and the APIs for both are described in this chapter.

For an overview of the two different ways to build a replicated application, see the Berkeley DB Getting Started with Replicated Applications guide.

The first, and simplest, way to build a replication Berkeley DB application is via the Replication Manager. If the Replication Manager does not meet your application's architectural requirements, you can write your own replication implementation using the "Base APIs".

Note that the Replication Manager is written using the Base APIs.

Note, also, that applications which make use of the Replication Manager use many of the Base APIs as the situation warrants. That said, a few Base API methods cannot be used by applications that are making use of the Replication Manager. Where this is the case, this is noted in the following method descriptions.

Finally, Replication Manager applications use the DB_SITE class to manage and configure replication sites. The DB_CHANNEL class can be used to transmit custom messages between sites in the replication group. These classes are not used in any way by Base API applications.

Replication and Related Methods