#include <db.h>

DB->set_ext_file_dir(DB *db, const char *dir);  

The DB->set_ext_file_dir() method sets the directory where external file data is stored. Use this method if the database is not opened within an encompassing environment. If an environment is in use, use DB_ENV->set_ext_file_dir() instead.

By default, if this method is not called then external file data is placed in a directory local to the current working directory.

Use DB->get_ext_file_dir() to identify the current storage location used for external file data.

This method configures operations performed using the specified DB handle, not all operations performed on the underlying database.

This method may not be called after DB->open() is called.

Unless otherwise specified, the DB->set_ext_file_dir() method returns a non-zero error value on failure and 0 on success.



Provides the name of the directory where external file data is to be stored. If an absolute path is not provided, then the directory identified here is relative to the current working directory.


The DB->set_ext_file_dir() method may fail and return one of the following non-zero errors:


If the database was opened within a named environment; or if the method was called after DB->open() was called; or if an invalid parameter was specified.



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