Building Node.js

Additional Information

To install Node.js bindings for the embedded key/value database Oracle Berkeley DB, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Install Oracle Berkeley DB 6.3 or higher.

  2. Set the appropriate environment variables to point to the installation location (after installing BDB).

  3. Install bdb-oraclejs

    Once Berkeley DB is installed, install bdb-oraclejs by running the following command:

    npm install bdb-oraclejs --bdb=/usr/local/bdb/install

Additional Information

  • node_modules/bdb-oraclejs/examples - Examples of how to use Berkeley DB are located in this directory.

  • basic/helloWorld.js - Shows the basics of Berkeley DB, how to create a database and put and get data.

  • basic/replication.js - Shows how to set up a replication group and replicate data from the master environment to a replica environment.

  • basic/index.js - Shows how to create an index on a database.

  • basic/externalFiles.js - Shows how to create an external file record, and how to stream data to and from it.

  • basic/sequence.js - Shows how to create and use a sequence, a persistent object that returns an increasing or decreasing sequence of integers.

  • node_modules/bdb-oraclejs/docs/index.html - Provides js documents for bdb-oraclejs.

  • - Provides documentation on Berkeley DB concepts, configurations, and non-node.js APIs.