Enabling Replication in the SQL Layer

New Pragmas

Replication can now be enabled and configured in the SQL layer using pragmas. The pragmas replication_local_site, replication_initial_master, and replication_remote_site can be used to configure the replication group. Note that when the BDB SQL replicated application is initially started, a specific master site must be explicitly designated. After configuring the replication group, start replication using PRAGMA replication=ON.

To display replication statistics in the dbsql shell, use:

dbsql> .stat :rep

New Pragmas

For more details on the replication pragmas see Replication PRAGMAs in the Berkeley DB Getting Started with the SQL APIs guide.

  • PRAGMA replication=ON|OFF
  • PRAGMA replication_initial_master=ON|OFF
  • PRAGMA replication_local_site="hostname:port"
  • PRAGMA replication_remote_site="hostname:port"
  • PRAGMA replication_remove_site="host:port"
  • PRAGMA replication_verbose_output=ON|OFF
  • PRAGMA replication_verbose_file=filename