What's New

This section summarizes the new features of TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 18.1 that are documented in this guide and provides links to more information.

New features in release

The following features are documented for the new "forced disconnect" feature, which forces all user connections to the specified database to be disconnected. This is useful, for example, prior to maintenance operations. Closing connections is mandatory to ensure a smooth shutdown and no data loss.

These additional new features are documented:

  • ttGridAdmin dbDistribute -resync option attempts to resynchronize metadata in the user database with metadata in the active management instance in case the state of a dbDistribute -apply command is unknown. "Set or modify the distribution scheme of a database (dbDistribute)" for details.

  • PLSQL_SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS connection attribute specifies the number of session cursors to cache. A user may adjust the setting to free up space not currently needed in the cache. See "PLSQL_SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS" for details.

  • ttDBConfig built-in procedure supports a new parameter, PLSQL_OPEN_CURSORS, which specifies the maximum number of PL/SQL cursors that can be open in a session at one time. See "ttDBConfig" for details.

  • ttCkptHistory built-in procedure returns new columns: reason, logsPurged, bookmarkName, and additional_details. See "ttCkptHistory" for details.

  • ttInstallDSN utility, for TimesTen Scaleout, generates a Windows client DSN for each of one or more entries in the provided input file and installs them into the ODBC control panel as system DSNs. See "ttInstallDSN" for details.

New features in release

This release of TimesTen contains a configuration file associated with each instance. See Chapter 1, "TimesTen Instance Configuration File" for details about this file.

The book contains descriptions of new and changed utilities:

  • ttGridAdmin utility

  • ttGridRollout utility

  • ttInstallationCheck utility

  • ttInstallDSN utility

  • ttInstanceCreate utility

  • ttInstanceDelete utility

  • ttInstanceModify utility

  • Changes to ttXactAdmin utility

  • Changes to ttBulkCp utility

  • Changes to ttStats utility

The book contains descriptions of new attributes:

  • TTC_TCP_KEEPALIVE_TIME_MS, TTC_TCP_KEEPALIVE_INTVL_MS, TTC_TCP_KEEPALIVE_PROBES, TTC_Random_Selection, TTC_REDIRECT, TTC_Redirect_Limit and TTC_RollbackRequiredOnFailover connection attributes

  • Durability connection attribute

  • EpochInterval and CreateEpochAtCommit connection attributes

  • GridLogRecoveryThreshold connection attribute

  • IncludeInCore connection attribute

  • OptimizerHint connection attribute

  • Changes to ttStats utility

The book contains descriptions of new built-in procedures:

  • ttCacheADGStandbyStateGet

  • ttCacheADGStandbyStateSet

  • ttCacheADGStandyTimeoutGet

  • ttCacheADGStandbyTimeoutSet

  • ttEpochCreate

  • ttEpochSessionGet

  • ttHeapinfo

  • ttLatchStatsGet