What's New

This section summarizes new features and functionality of TimesTen Release 18.1 that are documented in this guide, providing links into the guide for more information.

New features in Release

  • You can use the Preallocate attribute to ensure that there is sufficient space for a new database when using the ttRepAdmin -duplicate command. If enabled, then TimesTen preallocates disk space for the database checkpoint files for the new database during the duplicate. See "Duplicating a database" and "Duplicating a master database to a subscriber" for more information.

New features in Release

  • TimesTen Replication features are available with TimesTen Classic or TimesTen Cache and is supported on multiple platforms. See the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release Notes (README.html) in your installation directory for specific platform versions supported by TimesTen.

  • In the past, you could use either automatic parallel replication (with or without commit dependencies) or user-defined parallel replication to manually divide work across different tracks. In this release, you can only use automatic parallel replication; user-defined parallel replication is not supported. See "Configuring parallel replication" for details.

  • Added instructions on how to modify connection attributes, such as PermSize, when using Oracle Clusterware. See "Modifying connection attribute values" for details.

  • Expanded the instructions for when you need to perform host or network maintenance when using Oracle Clusterware. See "Performing host or network maintenance" for details.