Cipher Suites for Load Balancers

Describes how to use cipher suites with a load balancer to determine the security, compatibility, and speed of HTTPS traffic.

A cipher suite is a logical entity for a set of algorithms, or ciphers, using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to determine the security, compatibility, and speed of HTTPS traffic. All ciphers are associated with at least one version of TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.


Any cipher suite you use or create must contain individual ciphers that match the TLS version supported in your environment. Some ciphers can work with multiple TLS versions. If your environment supports at least one of the TLS versions associated with a given cipher, you can use it.

When you create or edit a listener, you add or can change the associated cipher suite. See Listeners for Load Balancers for more information.

Click Cipher Suites under Resources in the Load Balancer Details page to display the Cipher Suites page. This page contains a button for creating cipher suites.

This page also contains a list of all the currently available cipher suites, both ones that came originally preconfigured from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Predefined=Yes), and ones that you created yourself (Predefined=No). You can modify or delete those cipher suites you created yourself (Predefined=No). You cannot modify predefined cipher suites.

Here is reference information for ciphers and cipher suites:

You can perform the following cipher suite management tasks:

Cipher Suites in Listeners and Backend Sets

When you create a load balancer, specifying the cipher suite is part of configuring the listener and the backend set. See Creating a Load Balancer for more information.