Block Volume Elastic Performance

The elastic performance feature of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service allows you to dynamically change the volume performance, along with enabling you to pay for the performance characteristics you require independently from the size of your block volumes and boot volumes.

This feature includes the concept of volume performance units (VPUs). You can purchase more VPUs to allocate more resources to a volume, increasing IOPS/GB and throughput per GB. You also have the flexibility to purchase fewer VPUs, which reduces the performance characteristics for a volume, however it can also provide cost savings. You can also choose not to purchase any VPUs which can provide significant cost savings for volumes that don't require the increased performance characteristics.

For specific pricing details, see Oracle Storage Cloud Pricing.

Elastic Performance Configuration Options

There are three elastic performance configuration options, as described below.

  • Balanced: This is the default setting for new and existing block and boot volumes. It provides a good balance between performance and cost savings for most workloads, including those that perform random I/O such as boot volumes. This option provides linear peformance scaling with 60 IOPS/GB up to 25,000 IOPS per volume. Throughtput scales at 480 KBPS/GB up to a maximum of 480 MBPS per volume. With this option you are purchasing 10 VPUs per GB/month.
  • Higher Performance: Recommended for workloads with the highest I/O requirements, requiring the best possible performance, such as large databases. This option provides the best linear performance scale with 75 IOPS/GB up to a maximum of 35,000 IOPS per volume. Throughput also scales at the highest rate at 600 KBPS/GB up to a maximum of 480 MBPS per volume. With this option you are purchasing 20 VPUs per GB/month.
  • Lower Cost: Recommended for throughput intensive workloads with large sequential I/O, such as streaming, log processing, and data warehouses. The cost is only the storage cost, there is no additional VPU cost. This option gives you linear scaling 2 IOPS/GB upt to a maximum of 3000 IOPS per volume. This option is only available for block volumes, it is not available for boot volumes.

The following table lists the performance characteristics for each elastic performance level.

Performance Level


Max IOPS/Volume

Throughput/GB (KB/s per GB)

Max Throughput/Volume (MB/s per volume)


Lower Cost 2 3000 240 Up to 480 0
Balanced 60 25,000 480 480 10
Higher Performance 75 35,000 600 480 20

See Block Volume Performance for additional performance details for the Block Volume service.

VPUs refer to volume performance units, see Oracle Storage Cloud Pricing for specific pricing details.

Configuring Volume Performance

You can configure the volume performance for a block volume when you create a volume, see Creating a Volume. You can also change the volume performance for an existing block volume, see To change the volume performance for an existing block volume.

When you create a Compute instance, the volume performance for the instance's boot volume is set to Balanced by default. You can change this setting after the instance has launched, see To change the volume performance for an existing boot volume.