Troubleshooting Oracle Functions

This topic covers common issues related to Oracle Functions and how to address them.

Use the following techniques to find out more about an error or issue:

  • Use DEBUG=1 to see more details about an error: If you encounter an unexpected error when using an Fn Project CLI command, you can find out more about the problem by starting the command with the string DEBUG=1 and running the command again. For example:

    DEBUG=1 fn invoke helloworld-app helloworld-func

    Note that DEBUG=1 must appear before the command, and that DEBUG must be in upper case.

  • Use --display-call-id when invoking functions to aid issue resolution: If you encounter an issue when invoking a function, you can engage with Oracle Support. Oracle Support can investigate the issue more efficiently if you provide the call id of the function invocation. You can obtain the call id using the --display-call-id command option. For example:

    fn invoke helloworld-app helloworld-func --display-call-id


    Call ID: 01CS23SDG71BT2N9GZJ002DQM5
    Hello World !

The issues in this topic are organized in the following broad categories: