Get to Know the Console

The Oracle Cloud Console provides a single interface to manage all your cloud services.

When you sign in to the Console, you see the Console's home page.

Features of the Get started Tab

The Get started tab includes features that are particularly helpful for new users or users who want to jump in and quickly create common resources.


Use Quickstarts to quickly launch and try real solutions while learning about OCI services and capabilities. Quickstarts automate the process of provisioning resources in your tenancy, so that you can launch complete solutions from the Console home page.

Because Quickstarts use open source tools, you can also use the Quickstarts as sandboxes or as starting points for more complex deployments. The Quickstarts use Oracle Resource Manager, OCI's managed Terraform service. Terraform automation manages the components and is packaged as a reusable stack that you can use to modify the applications and deployments.

You can also use Resource Manager to apply the same steps used by the Quickstarts to build your own stacks for consistent and repeatable deployments.

Launch resources

Use the Launch resources tiles to navigate directly to common tasks, such as creating a VM instance, setting up a network with a wizard, and setting up a load balancer. Use these links to set up your environment.

Start exploring

The Start exploring section provides links to tutorials, developer tools, and blog posts that demonstrate how to use OCI to build solutions.

  • In the Get started category, find introductory materials that you can use to learn more about basics, such as information about virtual training classes, key concepts, and introductory demos.
  • In the Deploy websites & apps category, find tutorials that use both basic and more advanced features to build solutions.
  • In the Explore developer tools category, explore the developer kits, tools, and plug-ins that you can use to develop apps and simplify the management of infrastructure.
  • In the Manage bills category, learn about the billing and payment tools that can help you manage your service costs.
  • In the Guided tours category, learn about features of the Console.

The Dashboard Tab

You can use the Console Dashboards service to create custom dashboards in the Oracle Cloud Console to monitor resources, diagnostics, and key metrics for your tenancy. Dashboards are data visualization tools that gather data from OCI services to create charts and tables that give you a quick view into your resource use, billing, and system health.

Customizing the Console Home Page

When you sign in to the Console for the first time, the Customize your Console panel appears. Use this opportunity to select the profiles that best describe your Oracle Cloud work and interests, then click Save. The Console home page, including Service links recommendations, is then tailored to your choices.


Use the Profile menu to view your tenancy details, update user settings, and customize Console settings.

If you choose to skip this selection, or your interests change, you can update your profile selections any time.

  1. Open the Profile menu and click Console settings.
  2. Under Customize your Console, choose the profiles that best describe you.
  3. Click Save changes.