Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud

Review information specific to the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud.

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud regions are logically and physically separate from the existing Oracle commercial cloud regions in the European Union (EU). Both private companies and public sector organizations can use Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud regions to host data and applications that are sensitive, regulated, or of strategic regional importance.

The isolation of the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud realm from the commercial public cloud realm allows Oracle to restrict support and operations personnel to EU residents, including physical and logical access to the realm. The hardware and assets used to provide these cloud regions are owned, operated, and managed by EU legal entities that are separate from the existing global Oracle entities, including those in the EU. This design provides added assurance that all aspects of managing and hosting data in the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud stays within the EU.


Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud offers cloud regions that are located only within the geographic boundaries of the EU. Both commercial and public sector organizations can use these regions to host their cloud applications and customer data within the EU to meet data protection and sovereignty requirements.

You can choose to run in a specific single region of the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud realm or run in both regions, depending on your specific business requirements. A low-latency network between regions allows applications to span multiple regions and offers resilience if a geographical region-wide disaster occurs, while still maintaining hosted data within the boundaries of the EU. Each region has at least three fault domains, which are groupings of hardware that form virtual data centers for local high availability and resilience to hardware and network failures.

The region names and identifiers for the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud are shown in the following table:

Region Name Region Identifier Region Location Region Key Realm Key Availability Domains
EU Sovereign Central (Frankfurt) eu-frankfurt-2 Frankfurt, Germany STR OC19 1
EU Sovereign South (Madrid) eu-madrid-2 Madrid, Spain VLL OC19 1

Oracle's BGP ASN

This section is for network engineers who configure an edge device for FastConnect or Site-to-Site VPN.

Oracle's BGP autonomous system number (ASN) for the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is 11506.

API Reference and Endpoints

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud uses this API and regional endpoint pattern:


For example, the Core Services API is accessible to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud through the following regional endpoints:


For API names and documentation, see REST API documentation. For Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud region identifiers, see Regions.

SMTP Authentication and Connection Endpoints

Email Delivery only supports the AUTH PLAIN command when using SMTP authentication. If the sending application isn't flexible with the AUTH command, an SMTP proxy/relay can be used. For more information about the AUTH command, see AUTH Command and its Mechanisms.

Region SMTP Connection Endpoint
EU Sovereign Central (Frankfurt)
EU Sovereign South (Madrid)

SPF Record Syntax

An SPF record is a TXT record on your sending domain that authorizes Email Delivery IP addresses to send on your behalf. SPF is required for subdomains of and recommended in other cases. The SPF record syntax for the Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud sending region is shown in the following table:

Realm Key SPF Record
OC19 v=spf1 ~all

The realm key is applicable for any sending regions in that realm.