Health Checks Metrics

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Checks provides users with high frequency external monitoring to determine the availability and performance of any publicly facing service, including hosted websites, API endpoints, or externally facing load balancers. The Health Checks service metrics help you monitor the performance of your endpoints over a 24 hour period.

Before You Begin

IAM policies: To monitor resources, you must be granted the required type of access in a policy  written by an administrator, whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. The policy must give you access to the monitoring services as well as the resources being monitored. If you try to perform an action and get a message that you don’t have permission or are unauthorized, contact the administrator to determine the type of access you were granted and which compartment  you need to work in. For more information about user authorizations for monitoring, see IAM Policies (Monitoring).