Creating a Quota

Create a quota for a compartment by defining a policy statement.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Governance & Administration. Under Tenancy Management, click Quota Policies.
    2. On the Quota Policies page, click Create Quota.

    3. In the Create Quota Policy dialog box, specify the following:

      • Name: Enter a name for the quota. Avoid entering confidential information.

      • Description: Enter a description.

      • Quota Policy: Define the quota policy statement. For more information on creating quota policies and statements, see Quota Policy Quick Start, Sample Quotas, and Quota Policy Syntax.

    4. Under Tags, add one or more tags to the quota policy by entering a tag namespace (for a defined tag), key, and value.
    5. (Optional) Click Save as stack to save the quota policy as a stack. For more information, see Creating a Stack from a Resource Creation Page.
    6. Click Create Quota Policy.

    New quota policies can take up to 10 minutes to start working.
  • Use the oci quota create command and required parameters to create a quota:

    oci limits quota create --compartment-id compartment_ocid --description description --name name --statements statements [OPTIONS]

    For example, to create a quota policy that disallows use of outbound email or notification for a tenancy:

    oci --profile=profile-name in oci config file limits quota create --compartment-id compartment_ocid --name name for quota policy --description "some quota" --statements file:///users/sme/statements.json

    Where statements.json is:

    "Zero email-delivery quotas in tenancy",
    "Zero notifications quotas in tenancy"

    For a complete list of parameters and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the CreateQuota operation to create a quota.