Learn about the Oracle-provided templates available for Resource Manager. A template is a pre-built Terraform configuration for deploying cloud resources in a common scenario.

You can access templates from the Console when you create a stack. Under Choose the origin of the Terraform configuration, select Template and then click Select Template under Stack Configuration. To browse templates of a given type, click the tab for that type. For example, to browse service templates, click the Service tab. After creating the stack with a template, run an apply job on the stack to provision those resources.


Create your own private templates to share with others in the tenancy.

Common uses of templates: 

  • Test-drive the idea of infrastructure as code.
  • Apply proven best practices to your production workflow configuration.

Architecture Templates

Use an Architecture template to create a stack that uses multiple cloud services.

Template (click to launch stack) Description
AWX deployment using OKE Provision AWX v19.3 on the OKE cluster

Departmental Data Warehousing

Provision Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud to ingest data from multiple flat-file sources and analyze it.

Hub-and-Spoke Network Topology

Provision a hub-and-spoke network topology in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Development Kit

For detailed instructions, see Preinstalling the Oracle Cloud Development Kit.

Provision a Compute instance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure developer tools already installed

Sample E-Commerce Application

Deploy a sample e-commerce application using Always Free Oracle Cloud resources

Quickstarts Templates

Use a Quickstarts template to create a stack specific to a deployment scenario.

Template (click to launch stack) Description
Apache Tomcat on Arm Deploy a simple to-do application with Apache Tomcat
APEX with ADB Deploy a fully managed APEX instance
ASPNET Quickstarts Deploy a sample ASP .NET application in a highly available configuration, with two Windows instances and a load balancer.
Deploy a WordPress Instance on OCI Deploy a WordPress instance on OCI
Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana in OCI Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana in OCI
Highly available web application with autoscaling Deploy a highly available three-tier web application with autoscaling in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Jenkins Quickstarts Deploy a containerized Jenkins instance on OCI
MuShop Basic Quickstarts Three-tier web application using Always-Free resources
RStudio Deploy the RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) for R on OCI

Service Templates

Use a Service template to create a stack specific to a single cloud service.

Template (click to launch stack) Description
Autonomous Data Warehouse Database Provision an Autonomous Data Warehouse database
Autonomous Transaction Processing Database Provision an Autonomous Transaction Processing database
Block Volume Provision a block volume in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Compute Instance Provision a Compute instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Data Science Provision Data Science and its prerequisites
Default VCN Provision a VCN that includes a default route table, DHCP options, and subnets
Subnets Provision subnets in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Vision Provision Vision and its prerequisites