Requesting Devices

Describes how to request your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and clusters in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Determine your Roving Edge Infrastructure device storage capacity when determining the number of devices to request. See Roving Edge Infrastructure Device Usage Guidelines for more information.

Open the navigation menu. Under Hybrid Cloud, go to Roving Edge Infrastructure > Overview. The Roving Edge Infrastructure page appears. This page provides an easy start point to create your Roving Edge Infrastructure node and cluster resources that determine the type of device solution you are ordering, and the content that the devices contain. From this page, you can also access the Roving Edge Infrastructure documentation.

The steps to request and configure your different Roving Edge Infrastructure device options are documented in the following sections:


Ordering Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and clusters requires important terms and conditions to be understood and acknowledged before taking possession. Confirm that these terms and conditions have been included as part of your Oracle Cloud agreement. After Oracle validates your request, your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are provisioned and available for your possession.

Viewing Your Request Status

When you complete your request and submit it, you can review the state of the request by access the nodes or cluster details. Initially, your request has a status of Pending Approval. After Oracle approves the node request, the pre-loading on content onto your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices can begin. Your request status changes to Provisioning.

How Oracle Provisions Your Request

Provisioning is where Oracle takes your approved node request and performs the following tasks on the Roving Edge Infrastructure devices you are to receive:

  • Install the operating system and other host software required by each device.

  • Configure encryption on the device's storage.

  • Load the image and bucket data specified in the workloads associated with the node request.


Each Roving Edge Infrastructure device is wiped clean of data using NIST 800-88 standards before provisioning begins.

When provisioning is completed, the Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are delivered to you or made available for pickup at an Oracle facility based on your preferences. Next, you can physically integrate the devices into your computing environment and begin configuration.

What's Next?

After you have completed the tasks associated with requesting your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices, continue on to Setting Up Devices.