Accessing Streaming

This information describes how to access Streaming.

You can access Streaming using any of the following options, based on your preference and use case, provided you are authenticated and authorized to do so.

Ways to Access Streaming

You can access the service the following ways:

  • OCI Console: An easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

    Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under Messaging, click Streaming.

    You can use the Console to create and manage streams, stream pools, and Kafka Connect configurations, but you can't publish or consume messages using the Console.

    To access the Console, you must use a supported browser. To go to the Console sign-in page, open the navigation menu at the top of the page and click Infrastructure Console. You are prompted to enter your cloud tenant, your user name, and your password.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs: Provide the most functionality, but require programming expertise. API Reference and Endpoints provides endpoint details and links to the available API reference documents. For general information about using the API, see REST API documentation. The Streaming service is accessible with the Streaming API.

    Because Streaming is compatible with Apache Kafka API, applications written for Kafka can also access Streaming.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDKs: You can interact with Streaming without having to create a framework. Basic Streaming usage examples are included with our SDKs. For more information about using the SDKs, see the SDK Guides.
  • Command line interface (CLI): Provides both quick access and full functionality without the need for programming. For more information, see Using the CLI
  • Resource Manager: An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service that lets you automate the process of provisioning your OCI resources. Using Terraform, Resource Manager helps you install, configure, and manage resources through the "infrastructure-as-code" model. You can use Resource Manager to create streams, stream pools, and Kafka Connect configurations.

Authentication and Authorization

Regardless of the method you use to access Streaming, you must be authorized to interact with the service's resources.

Each service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integrates with IAM for authentication and authorization, for all interfaces (the Console, SDK or CLI, and REST API).

An administrator in your organization needs to set up groups , compartments , and policies  that control which users can access which services, which resources, and the type of access. For example, the policies control who can create new users, create and manage the cloud network, launch instances, create buckets, download objects, and so on. For more information, see Getting Started with Policies. For specific details about writing policies for each of the different services, see Policy Reference.

If you’re a regular user (not an administrator) who needs to use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources that your company owns, contact your administrator to set up a user ID for you. The administrator can confirm which compartment or compartments you should be using.

For common policies used to authorize Streaming users, see Common Policies. For administrators: The policy in Let streaming admins manage streaming resources lets the specified group do everything with Streaming and related Streaming service resources.

For in-depth information on granting users permissions for the Streaming service, see Details for the Streaming Service in the IAM policy reference.