Managing Agent Dependencies

In Oracle Cloud Migrations, an agent dependency is a third-party package that the remote agent appliance needs for its operation.

To generate snapshots for VMware VM disks, the VMware replication plugin requires the agent dependency, which is a VMware library named Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK).

VDDK isn’t included in the remote agent appliance software package as there are licensing restrictions of the third-party package. Therefore, you can add agent dependencies to a source environment as third-party library dependencies to the remote agent appliance.

You can download VDDK from the third-party library provider (VMware), and then make it available to the remote agent appliance by uploading them to a preconfigured object storage bucket.

The agent dependency service supports the installation of the following third-party library:

Plugin Third-party Library
Replication VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK)

Before you start adding agent dependencies with a source environment, ensure that you complete the following tasks:
You can manage agent dependencies for an environment by performing the following tasks: