Google Workspace Authoritative Sync

Before You Begin


This document describes how to configure Google Workspace for Authoritative Sync with identity domains in IAM. For more information identity domains in IAM, see Managing Identity Domains.

About Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a brand of cloud computing software, and productivity and collaboration tools. Google Workspace includes tools such as Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration.

Scopes Used for Google Workspace Integration with Identity Domains

ScopeDescription for only retrieving group, group alias, and member information. for only retrieving users or user aliases.

Operations Supported

Authoritative SyncConfigures Google Workspace as an authoritative source of an identity domain. The operation synchronizes users, groups, user-group memberships from Google Workspace and creates or modifies those identities in an identity domain.

Note: Google Workspace does not support delta or incremental changes to users, groups, and user-group membership changes.

Configuring Google Workspace in Identity Domains

Use this section to register and activate the Google Workspace App.

Registering and Activating the Google Workspace App

  1. Access the OCI Console.

  2. Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Domains.

  3. Click the name of the identity domain that you want to work in. You might need to change the compartment to find the domain that you want. Then, click Integrated applications.

  4. Click Add application.

  5. In the Add application window, click Application Catalog, and then Launch app catalog.

  6. Find and select the Google Workspace Authoritative Sync application.

  7. Update any application details as required and then click Next.

  8. Turn on Enable provisioning and confirm.

  9. Click Authorize with Google Workspace Authoritative Sync. A new window for Authorization for accessing users and groups opens.

    1. Provide the Google credentials and then click sign-in. A set of scopes displays. See the scope details Scopes used for Google Workspace integration.

    2. Click Authorize. The window will close.

  10. Under Select provisioning operations, select Authoritative sync.

  11. Turn on Enable synchronization and click Finish.

  12. Click Activate, and then click Activate application.

Configuring Google Workspace Application

Configuration NameRequiredSample ValueDescription
Groups ListNo

Provide the list of the groups to synchronize users belonging to those groups. If no list is provided, then the application synchronizes all users, groups, and user-group memberships.

Verifying the Integration

Use this section to verify the connection to Google Workspace.

Verifying Provisioning, Connection, and Configuration

  1. Open the application you just activated.

  2. Under Provisioning, click Test connectivity to validate the connection with Google Workspace.


Run a manual sync job run to import users, groups and user group memberships at any time using the following steps.

Note: Google Workspace doesn’t support incremental sync.

  1. Open the application.

  2. Under Import, click the Import button.


Use this section to locate solutions to common integration issues.

Known Issues

"Google hasn't verified this app" message while authorizing with Google

Application verification is in progress with Google.

Getting Help and Contacting Support

For any other issues, open a support ticket. See Open a Support Ticket.