Prerequisites for Oracle Database Service for Azure

To use Oracle Database Service for Azure, you need an existing Azure account. To complete the sign up process, you will need the following:

  • An Azure user account with administration privileges and ownership of the Azure subscriptions you want to link to OCI. The following Azure roles have sufficient privileges to sign up:

    • Global Administrator
    • Application Administrator
    • Cloud Application Administrator
    • Privileged Role Administrator

    You can remove the role assignment from your user account if necessary after the sign up is complete.

  • At least one Azure Virtual Network (VNET), which will be paired with a corresponding OCI virtual cloud network (VCN) during ODSA the service onboarding.

  • To sign up with an existing OCI tenancy, your tenancy must support identity domains. See Do You Have Access to Identity Domains? for instructions on confirming if your tenancy has access to identity domains. See Azure and Oracle Cloud Account Linking Fails (OCI Tenancies Without Identity Domains) for information on how to resolve a sign up failure caused by an OCI tenancy that doesn't have access to identity domains.
  • To sign up online without an existing OCI account, you will need a valid credit card or debit card. You cannot use prepaid or virtual cards to sign up for OCI services.

    You do not need to provide a credit or debit card number if:
    • You have placed an order with Oracle Sales for Oracle Database Service for Azure
    • You have an existing OCI account