Managing Backups of an OCI Database with PostgreSQL

Create, schedule, and restore from OCI Database with PostgreSQL backups.

Backups are a copy of the database data that's taken and stored remotely so that it can be used to restore the original if needed, such as after a data loss event. Backups can be created manually or automated through a management policy.

Automatic backups can be scheduled to be created daily, weekly, and monthly. Automatic backups have a retention period of up to 35 days before they're deleted by the system.

When you create a backup manually, you can choose whether the backup is retained indefinitely or deleted on a specific date, or after a specified number of days.


Billing for the backup starts after it's created.

Required IAM Policy

The following policy statements allow a group of administrators to manage OCI Database with PostgreSQL resources:

Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-db-systems in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-backups in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-configurations in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to read postgres-work-requests in compartment <database_compartment>

For more information, see OCI Database with PostgreSQL Policies.