Configure Automatic Injection in APM Agent for Peoplesoft

To use APM to monitor real time user sessions (browser interactions) in Peoplesoft, you need to configure automatic injection in the APM Java agent.

After the APM Java agent is deployed on the Peopleosoft server, enable the automatic browser injection by doing the following:

  1. Open the file.

  2. Look for the following existing parameters:, and which are commented out in the file. (The parameters have a # sign or hashtag at the beginning of the line).

    Uncomment the above parameters and update their values and save the file.

    The file looks like the following:<Public_Data_Key><Peoplesoft_APM_Browser>
    • The value of the <Public Data Key> can be obtained from the APM Domain details page. For information, see Obtain Data Upload Endpoint and Data Keys.
    • The value of the <Peoplesoft APM Browser> is the service name value that you specify for your Peoplesoft APM Browser Agent. For example: PSFT_UI.
  3. Capture the username for the Peoplesoft sessions by editing the ProbeConfig.acml file located under the oracle-apm-agent/config directory. Go to the general section and update the capture_username property from false to true.

    capture_username: true