View Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Actions

The DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view stores information on the actions that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud operations performs on your Autonomous Database.

These steps use Database Actions to query the DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view. You can query this view from any SQL connection by connecting as a user with the proper privileges.

  1. On the Autonomous Database Details page click Database Actions.
  2. Under Development on the Database Actions Launchpad, select SQL.
  3. Within the SQL Worksheet, query the DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view.

    For example:


Notes for the DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view:

  • The DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view provides information starting on October 4, 2022, the date this feature was introduced. The view does not provide information prior to October 4, 2022.

  • The DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view may not show results if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud operations hasn't performed any actions or run any statements in your Autonomous Database instance. In this case, when you query the view you will not see any rows returned.


The DBA_OPERATOR_ACCESS view describes top level statements executed in the Autonomous Database instance by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure operations.

Column Datatype Description
SQL_TEXT VARCHAR2(4000) SQL text of the statement executed by the operator.
EVENT_TIMESTAMP DATE Timestamp of the operator action in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
REQUEST_ID VARCHAR2(64) Request number related to the reason behind the operator action. This could be a bug number, an SR number, or a change ticket request number that provides information on the reason for the action.
REASON VARCHAR2(64) Reason for the operator action. This provides context for the reason behind the action and may have a value such as: MITIGATION, DIAGNOSTIC COLLECTION, or CUSTOMER REQUEST.