Creating a Data Asset

Create a data asset in a Data Integration workspace.

To create the data asset, select the data source type, provide the property details of the data source, and specify the default connection to use to connect to the source.

We recommend that you use a secret in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vault to store the connection password. For information, see OCI Vault Secrets and Oracle Wallets. In particular, consider the following requirements when using OCI Vault secrets:

  • Ensure that you have set up the required policies for using OCI Vault and secrets.
  • Create a secret for the password.
  • If you use an Oracle wallet, you must modify the wallet zip file before creating a secret for the wallet contents, as described in OCI Vault Secrets and Oracle Wallets. You also need a secret for the wallet password and a secret for the database password.

If you publish tasks to an application in OCI Data Flow, consider the following requirements when creating your data assets:

  • OCI Vault secrets are required for passing credentials securely across OCI services. Use secrets in OCI Vault to store the login credentials for connecting to the data sources.
  • OCI Data Flow doesn't allow connections through host IP addresses. Specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the database hosts.

For more information about what's supported and what to consider when connecting to data sources, see Considerations and Support Information